Top Four Tips For Beginning Art Collectors

As a lifelong lover of art and an artist, Janina Leigue knows a thing or two about art collecting. Here are some tips for somebody who’s just starting out:


Attend Art Showings

One of the best tips for somebody looking to fill their home with art is to go to where the art is. Art showings occur year-round all around the country and the world, whether they’re official exhibitions, pop-up shops, or even just on the walls of a coffee shop or cafe. Art is all around you; search it out!


Look For Art That Speaks To You

This might seem like a no-brainer, but finding your own style is important. There’s no right or wrong way to collect art. You’ll know that it’s the right way when you look around your home and are captured by your surroundings.


Don’t Fear The Empty Wall

If you’re starting out as an art collector, it might be tempting to go all-out right away, purchasing every piece of art that catches your eye and plastering your walls with it. However, remember that art collection is a life-long pursuit — you’ll want to have space for the next great piece. Let your collection build naturally.


Ask Questions

It’s important to learn as much as you can about the artists whose work you’re interested in. Learn about their lives and their art. This will help you understand their artwork and make informed decisions when buying. Ask questions both from the artist if you get the chance to meet them, and from sellers. Knowing more about the story behind the art may make it even more interesting and will make your home come alive.

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