About me

Janina Leigue paints luminous scenes of everyday life. Leigue spent three years living in Madrid where she was deeply influenced by paintings by the Old Masters. When painting, Leigue uses a process of discovery, allowing ideas to unfold naturally as she works. In addition to painting from life, she will often photograph scenes and then work with the photographs to arrange them into a new composite image that resonates with her emotionally. She works using a full palette, allowing her to experiment freely with the use of color. Leigue states that her mission as an artist is to inspire delight in her audience. The enjoyment that Leigue takes in painting is evident in the way that she lovingly handles her subjects. The rounded quality of Leigue’s forms gives them a voluptuous and soft appearance. The light in Leigue’s pieces has a diffused quality that appears to hover over and embrace her subjects. With a characteristic warmth and richness, Leigue’s paintings are infused with ebullient spirit.