The Modern Art Revolution: How Janina's Pieces Go Beyond Expression

Janina Leigue is an exceptional artist who is known for her vibrant, captivating paintings that go beyond mere expression. Her works are often inspired by her personal experiences and her own interpretations of the world around her.

In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss how Janina’s paintings and modern art go beyond expression. Read on to learn more.

Janina Painting

Janina’s Process of Discovery

Janina's process of discovery is evident in her paintings. By playing with different elements and arranging them in ways that resonate with her personally, she is able to create pieces that evoke powerful emotional responses in viewers. Her compositions are often complex and layered, with multiple elements coming together to create a unified whole.

Brushed on a Paint palette

Janina Uses a Full Palette

The colors Janina uses in her paintings have a powerful effect. By combining different shades and hues, she is able to express her feelings and experiences in a unique way. The colors she uses create a unique atmosphere that can evoke deep emotion and thought. By using a full palette, Janina has access to limitless color and blending options.

El Aperitivo

She Arranges Items to Resonate With Her Personally

Janina is also a master of arranging items in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and meaningful. Through the arrangement of items, she is able to create powerful and emotive scenes that capture her life experiences. Her use of line, shape, and texture bring her paintings to life and make them truly special.

For me to Start

Janina’s Became Influenced By the Old Masters While Studying in Madrid

Janina’s style is also heavily influenced by her time spent in Madrid, where she studied for three years. While in Madrid, she was exposed to a variety of art forms and artists, including the Old Masters, and she incorporates these influences into her own work.

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Overall, Janina Leigue’s paintings are a testament to her talent and creativity. She is able to capture the beauty and complexity of still life in a way that few other artists can. Her works go beyond mere expression, providing insight into the world and the many emotions that come with it.

You can find a selection of original oil paintings, mixed media art, and other pieces on Janina’s website. Browse her selection of modern art today to find the perfect addition to your home or office, or to purchase one as a gift for a friend.

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