Here Is What You Missed From The Palm Beach Show

In mid-February, Janina Leigue had the honor of being a featured artist at the Palm Beach Show, where she presented her hand-made paintings at a booth. For those who missed the chance to attend the show this year, here’s a quick overview of Janina’s exhibition at the show!


What Is The Palm Beach Show?

The Palm Beach Show is an art show that ran from February 16th, 2023, through the 21st of February. The Palm Beach Show is an annual high-end art showcase at the Palm Beach County Convention Center, exhibiting artwork from across the whole breadth of the art world. Art of all genres, styles, mediums, and movements is showcased, bringing together artists from across the country to celebrate art and the people who make it.


Janina’s Artwork

Janina Leigue is best known for her unique and varied collection of modern and contemporary art that captures the beauty of daily life in painting. From abstract to figurative, her gallery offers an impressive range of artworks that evoke emotion and admiration.

Explore Janina’s portfolio of work by clicking here.


Janina’s Palm Beach Show Booth

Experience the 2023 Palm Beach Show from the comfort of your own home by taking a virtual walkthrough Janina's booth. Click here to explore the stunning artwork from the show and get a feel for what it's like to be there in person!


Future Events

At time of writing, Janina is not scheduled for any shows in the near future. Keep an eye on the news and events page and Janina’s Instagram to hear about future shows and appearances ahead of time!

If you find yourself inspired or enraptured by her art, consider taking some of it home by purchasing a print or even an original (if available.) Find a piece of art that speaks to you today!

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