Factors That Make Fine Art Stand Out

Art is one of the finer pleasures in life. At Janina Fine Art, our work is created by Janina Leigue and inspired by European culture and by the traditional work of the founders of contemporary art. For those interested, fine art is an incredible addition to any home and can provide an ambiance of class, comfort, and curiosity. If you are wondering what makes fine art stand out, here are four things to pay attention to when looking for your wall decor.

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Art is a form of communication with every artist aiming to communicate a message through their works. When you look at a piece of contemporary art, ask yourself, what did the artist mean to communicate? Finding the meaning behind an interesting piece can help it to stand out among other works.



Art is in the eye of the beholder, but some pieces are naturally more beautiful than others. From contrast in coloring to elegance in brush strokes, if you prefer one work of modern art over another, that means it stands out to you.



Whether it’s the meaning behind the painting or the painting itself, relevance to modern times or current events can help a piece of contemporary art to stand out. If you are looking for a piece of unique and relevant modern art, shop Janina Fine Art today.


Skill and Technique

At Janina Fine Art, all of the art we print was originally painted with oil paints which requires consistent brush strokes and smooth movement. When looking at fine, contemporary art, consider the skill that went into that piece and help guide you in your search.

All in all, fine contemporary art will always stand out, but some pieces will be particularly unique. If you are looking for stand-out pieces to decorate your home, Janina Fine Art has some incredible options for you to choose from. Shop our collections today!

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