Catch Janina Fine Art at The Palm Beach Show

As art collectors, admirers, and connoisseurs of the finest in modern and contemporary art, The Palm Beach Show is the place to be this February 16-21, 2023. The show will feature a selection of the world’s most sought-after artists and galleries, including Janina Fine Art.

Known for her eclectic and diverse selection of works, Janina Fine Art specializes in modern and contemporary works of art that illuminate scenes of everyday life. Read on to learn more about the 20th Annual Palm Beach Show and secure your tickets today!

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What is the Palm Beach Show?

The Palm Beach Show, also known as the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show, is a luxurious and sophisticated showcase of fine art, antiques, and collectibles. Held annually in February at the Palm Beach County Convention Center, the show presents a selection of works from some of the world’s most renowned and respected art dealers, galleries, and exhibitors.

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The Palm Beach Show also features an extensive selection of fine art from renowned artists and galleries. Highlights include contemporary and modern art, spanning a wide variety of genres including paintings, photography, prints, ceramics, glass, sculpture, and art jewelry.

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What to Expect from Janina Fine Art at The Palm Beach Show?

As a featured artist, Leigue has a unique approach to her art; instead of a preconceived vision, she allows her paintings to unfold through a process of discovery. She will often photograph scenes and then arrange them into a new composite image that speaks to her emotionally. Her use of a full palette further allows her to experiment with color. Through her art, Leigue seeks to inspire delight in her audience, something that is evident in her work featured at the Palm Beach Show.

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Attend The Palm Beach Show

Any art lover looking to add something special to their collection should not miss the opportunity to visit Janina Fine Art at The Palm Beach Show. Her work is sure to bring beauty and ingenuity to any home. Secure your tickets and find inspiration in Janina’s work.

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