Announcing Janina's New Contemporary Art Works: Modern, Innovative, Collection Worthy

Janina Leigue puts her heart and soul into every one of her fine art paintings. She paints with an eye for discovery, seeing what will speak to her in the moment. With her soft lines and daring colors, each fine art piece mesmerizes. Learn more about her contemporary art works, and shop online today!

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Color With Tulips

If you are a fan of tulips, you'll love Janina's Color With Tulips. You can have spring with you every day of the year. Featuring a glass vase with yellow and red tulips, the details will sometimes make you think they are actually in the room!

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For me to Start

If you love bold fine art canvas prints, For me to Start fits the bill. The beautiful red of Campari is showcased, being set near the foreground of the painting. Another wonderful drink with oranges is close by, offering you the choice. The bright oranges, yellows, and reds are an attention grabber you'll love.

Janina's New Contemporary Art 3.jpg

View and Joy Among Family

Another elegant fine art canvas print from Janina Leigue is View and Joy Among Family. Featuring a home right on the coast of a beautiful lake, the lake shimmers from a cloudy day. This print is 36" x 48", the perfect size for your home's den or library.

Janina's New Contemporary Art 2.jpg

Joy Among Friends

Joy Among Friends is an electrifying fine art piece that truly says the meaning of being with friends in one glance. This fine art painting features a beautiful drink in the foreground of this 20" x 16" oil on canvas painting. The table of a mute blue stands in great contrast with the food in the background, giving you the feeling of lunch with friends.


From Mixed Media and Originals to Commissions and Grays, Janina Leigue offers the best fine art canvas prints. Order today!

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